What is ProDeMa® (Professional De-Escalation Management)?

ProDeMa is a comprehensive, repeatedly evaluated, patented and copyrighted prevention program for the professional handling of tension and violent behaviour. To attain maximum practicability there are specialized concepts and schooling programs for every area of social services and health care (e.g. psychiatric hospitals, general hospitals, asylums, social welfare offices, youth welfare services, public facilities, facilities for the handicapped etc.). All specialized concepts have in common the following three priorities:

  • Prevention (or reduction) of the origins of violent behaviour of patients, occupants and clients.
  • Prevention of escalation by means of professional mindset and demeanour when dealing with tense situations or violent behaviour, and by means of specialised verbal de-escalation skills and negotiation techniques.
  • Prevention of injuries of staff and patients in case of physically violent behaviour by means of considerate defense and escape techniques as well as – if appropriate – non-harming immobilization techniques.


You can find detailed explanations of these focus areas in our 7-step model of de-escalation. There is comprehensive information on all contents of ProDeMa and on the implementation of ProDeMa in our tutorial broschure (german only). You can get an impression of the possibilities of schooling and advanced training in handling tense situations and violent behavior by reading into our schooling program.