In-house Training and De-Escalation Training

The ProDeMa® Training Concept

The ProDeMa® training concept includes 3 different versions, which can be individually adjusted depending on the institution.


Alternative 1: Information Seminar in Institutions

During a one-day seminar, our prevention concept including all contents of the de-escalation steps is presented in a lively and practical lecture to an unlimited number of staff and executives of your institution. The lecture is illustrated by many examples as well as live and video demonstrations. Basic knowledge will be transferred, and all alternative ways to deal with violent behavior on the part of patients, occupants and clients will be explained.

In addition to the knowledge transfer, the information seminar helps the institution to decide whether to execute in-house training or to have its own de-escalation trainers trained. The information seminar costs between € 1,500 and € 1,700.

Alternative 2: In-house Training

A multitude of skills is required when dealing with aggressive and provoking behavior of patients, occupants and clients in a professional way. These skills need to be trained, e.g. in 4-day in-house seminars held by specialized trainers who have profound practical experience. The contents of the seminar are customized to the specific needs of the institutions and their particular patients, occupants and clients. The costs for one day of in-house training amount to € 1,200.

Alternative 3: De-Escalation Training

During a 12-day training, the participants chosen by the institution will be qualified to implement the concept of prevention (including the training concept) with all its contents in the institution as per consultation with the management. In this process the de-escalation trainer acts as a multiplier and consultant, he/she initiates and supervises the de-escalation management in the institution and he/she is involved in occupational health and safety. Moreover, he/she trains his/her colleagues and teaches them all substantial contents. The costs amount to € 4,200 per participant. A minimum number of eight participants is needed to start the de-escalation training.